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Industrial Applications

Chuan Hung takes the processing of components such as the semiconductor industry, automobile industry, medical equipment industry, aerospace, and optoelectronics industry as the main field.

Full-process Production

​​We provide customized parts processing services and we work extensively with many different materials.

Moreover, we can provide full-process production assistance, including heat treatment and surface treatment, etc... Have a good production control mechanism and precision inspection equipment, establish product standard manufacturing procedures, and help customers quickly understand the relevance and effectiveness of design products.

全泓科技有限公司 CHTME 製程統合
全泓科技有限公司 CHTME OEM代工


​​​CNC machining services including OEM parts machining. Capabilities include CNC machining, milling, CNC lathe work(mid-size horizontal and vertical turning), & grinding, prototypes, OEM, exotic metal & short-run parts.

Mechanical Design

Our experienced designers can design customized institutions according to customer needs.

全泓科技有限公司 CHTME 機構設計
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